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Amazing Paper Art - Lobulo Design

Amazing Paper Art – Lobulo Design

For more than 10 years spanish designer and illustrator Javier Rodríguez García, aka Lobulo Design in London, creates incredible artworks using his unique skills in design dominantly in striking pieces of paper crafts. All these incredible pieces of art have been entirely done using paper and a lot of imagination. Judging from the artist’s story...
Sarah Bridgland

Sarah Bridgland

Sarah Bridgland’s diminutive paper creations inhabit the territory between sculpture and collage. Delicately fashioned out of second-hand ephemera collected from junk shops and fragments of Bridgland’s own printed media, they create spaces where the real and the imagined co-exist, where fact and fiction collide. Each piece is a myriad of textures, shapes and lettering, reflecting...