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Fanstudio’s "Iwa" sofas, carved like precious stones

Fanstudio’s “Iwa” sofas, carved like precious stones

An archipelago of geometric icebergs in the shape of sofas, lounges and tables has detached from the laboratories of Fanstudio. Where are they headed? In the living rooms that are ready to host them, obviously, but especially in the direction of new seas of experimentation with techniques and materials. The collection is called “Iwa”, stone...
Foursteel - Black Diamond

Foursteel – Black Diamond

The radiator Diamond surge towards meeting the needs in HVAC equipment that share a conceptual evolution and modern spaces. Their recovery is achieved if the details of its geometric shape, color and its ability to heat emission. Diamond is available finished in brushed stainless steel, white, textured in forging and golden. Ability to work in...
Transparent House in Japan

Transparent House in Japan

IKEA - cardboard camera

IKEA – cardboard camera

The new camera cardboard concept made by IKEA.
Birth Installation

Birth Installation

Birth Installation from Julien Simshäuser on Vimeo. Birth Installation — Interaction with a new world. Visitors are able to touch the conductive fabric or bend the Tentacles of Mega Joy to interact with the new world. When entering the installation, people take the role of a newborn baby that interacts with things that it hasn’t...
Casey Watson - Synecdoche

Casey Watson – Synecdoche