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Hövding is a revolutionary bicycle helmet, a new innovation designed for the modern cyclist. Not only one of the safest helmets on the market, but also a discrete chameleon that easily becomes part of your outfit using the changeable shell.

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Unlike other cycle helmets, Hövding is worn as a collar around your neck. The collar contains an airbag that will inflate and protect the head in the event of an accident. Compared to ordinary cycle helmets, Hövding provides the best shock absorption in the world.

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Design that save lives

Hövding contains sensors that are constantly monitoring the cyclist’s movements when it is switched on. The sensors detect any changes in velocity or angle of the cyclist and can distinguish between normal cycling and accidents.

infalted hovding helmet bike airbag

In an accident, Hövding detects the abnormal movement pattern and triggers the airbag. The inflation takes a tenth of a second (0.1 seconds) and the airbag is fully inflated before head impact.

Setting a new standard in Swedish safety

Hövding is CE marked, which means that it complies with the requirements for a cycle helmet laid down in the EU Directive on Personal Protective Equipment.

In 2012 Swedish insurance company Folksam performed a test on the 13 most common cycle helmets on the market. The test showed that Hövding provides more than three times better shock absorption than any other helmet.

Behind this unique product lie seven years of development, in partnership with experts on cycling head injuries, airbag technology, mathematics and crash tests.

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet | Fredrik Gertten from Focus Forward Films on Vimeo.

More about the project here > http://www.hovding.com/en/