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Daily archive Jun 1, 2013
Laurent Chehere - Flying Houses

Laurent Chehere – Flying Houses

Laurent Chehere is a french photographer. He creats a collection of fantastical buildings, homes, tents and trailers removed from their backgrounds and suspended in the sky as if permanently airborne. His series “Flying Houses,” which he began in 2007, is a fantastical exploration of the diverse and inspirational architecture of Paris, albeit not exactly the...
Jon Smith - High Speed Photography

Jon Smith – High Speed Photography

Chemist and photographer Jonathan Smith is known especially for his amazing project “High Speed Photography”.  He fills light bulbs with unusual objects, shoot them with a pellet gun and capture the beautiful effects using high-speed photography. Using items and substances like chalk dust, sprinkles, candies, ball bearings, beer caps and even flowers, Smith creates beautiful...
Garth Britzman - (POP)culture

Garth Britzman – (POP)culture

Designer Garth Britzman of Lincoln, Nebraska used recycled bottles filled with colored water to create stunning topographical shade canopy for a vehicle. He said that “An intriguing environment is created where one can explore the surface qualities of the bottles at eye level. Additionally, this project sought to stimulate creative alternatives for recycling and reusing...