• Sumo

An archipelago of geometric icebergs in the shape of sofas, lounges and tables has detached from the laboratories of Fanstudio. Where are they headed? In the living rooms that are ready to host them, obviously, but especially in the direction of new seas of experimentation with techniques and materials.

The collection is called “Iwa”, stone in Japanese, and indeed the principle at its core is “work of art originating from carved stone”. A phrase that reminds of great sculptor Michelangelo Buonarroti and his conviction that in each block of marble there resided a soul, to be resuscitated by carving off the excess fragments with the utmost care.

Enlightened by this tenet, Spanish designer Jorge Goval (1975) of Fanstudio obtained each piece starting from the filling, a single block of high density polyurethane foam, laser cut and then covered by specialized artisans in a synthetic skin, close-fitting and elastic, available in 180 colors.

Though in appearance the “Iwa” collection seems rigid, its light and durable pieces are in fact highly flexible and cushy. Fanstudio notes that “Iwa” is ideal for outdoor use due to the ease with which it can be cleaned with water and soap and it being UVA and UVB resistant so the colors are not altered.